User Experience Design

There’s a lot of thought that goes behind designing a website. Our team of designers are well versed in all things design and live and breathe it. Designing a website isn’t about slapping together something pretty, we design our websites so that your customers will enjoy their experience. Great user-experience will allow your customers to go on a journey that they think is their own, but really, it’s the journey we are leading them to take. This is done through understanding client objectives, customer behavior, and a really clever design.

Our Process

A process is a little different to most, but we find this approach gets the best results. Each of the points below are done in consultation with our clients

  • Initial client meeting to better understand client and website objectives
  • Build a sitemap that makes sense for user-experience but most importantly one that is right for SEO
  • Create a wireframe that explores and defines the user-journey
  • Design a website based off the approved wireframes – the pretty stuff

Sometimes we need to to take photos and videos for the website if the client doesn’t have their own. A beautiful website is only as good as the content we have to work with. We also suggest that each website should have copy written for it that, speaks to the brand itself, but also plays nicely with SEO. There are many great copywriters out there and if you’re looking for the best, we suggest Willow & Blake. Their team will work closely with our SEO team to develop the best words to portray your business that your customers get, love and connect with.