Social Media

Before we commence social media we first like to understand the brand, this is generally done through a Brand Strategy¬†workshop. Once we fully understand the ‘why’ behind your brand, your target audience and have defined your content buckets, our social media team can¬†create a social strategy and social measurement plan.

Straight Out Digital’s social media team can complete the following:

  • Create content (photoshoots, social videos and design)
  • Write content
  • Listen and respond to all your direct and indirect mentions.

Some brands use us to do absolutely everything and others just to create content. Whatever your needs are we can help out and plug in where needed.

Social Media Content Creation

We have an in-house production team that will direct and shoots (photos and videos) that align with your brand and fits into your communication content buckets.

Social Media Copy Writers

Once the content is created we will also write the copy that goes with the post. Using best practice social media methods to generate engagement.

Listening and Responding

We feel this is the most important side of social media. Getting this right takes time but it’s worth the investment. Listening and responding should be done 2 – 3 times a day. Everyone that directly mentions you should be responded to in a timely manner and everyone who indirectly mentions you should also be responded to. We listen and respond to your active social media channels as well as third-party review websites.