Graphic Design

Over the last decade, the emphasis on a brand’s identity and how it’s offering looks has grown exponentially. The average customer of today expects a quality product or brand to, not just work well for them, but to look great as well. It’s over this time that businesses have come to see the benefit that quality graphic design can have for their success.  

How a quality logo and brand can help your business

A widely recognised logo and branding is the holy grail for any business. If you look at the most well-known brands across the globe (Nike, McDonalds, Coke-a-Cola), it quickly becomes clear that the strength of that brand doesn’t necessarily come from the basic logo, but how that logo is applied to an overarching brand execution

Style Guides

One of the most important things a brand can do is generate a style guide as it allows the brand to be controlled. Meaning, no matter who designs your communications the style guide gives them a blueprint to work off, helping all your communications to have consistency across all mediums.


Working with many hospitality venues we have the pleasure of doing 100’s of venue posters each year. We design to keep everything on brand and most importantly make sure your message is heard and cuts through.


The hospitality industry requires menu updates regularly. We have the team that can create menu’s from scratch, both online and offline. We also have the team to support your menu’s ongoing, that means, updating them as menu’s change.

Business Cards

They say business cards are so 2000. Well, this is true, but still, we all have them. We generate business cards based on your brand style guidelines.


If needed, we can manage all printing. All designs are exported for print and without even making a call we can design and send you the final prints to your door with ease and pleasure. If printing is needed, please just let us know.