Digital Strategy

We find a lot of organisations struggle to capture the truth of who they are and why they exist in a single, compelling sentence. That lack of defined purpose generally leads to a lack of focus in their communications. There’s a lot of collected wisdom about who you are and what you do held in the minds of your staff. But everyone’s perception is always slightly different. We come in as a fresh set of eyes and ears and work with you and your team to distill this collected wisdom into a unified understanding of your brand. This understanding then puts you in a strong position to provide simple, focused communications. The Brand Strategy looks beyond the ‘Why’ of your brand and starts to examine the ‘How’.

  • How do we position your brand to get cut through in a crowded marketplace?
  • How do we get the attention of your key target markets and meet their needs?

Working with The Reactor we are able to help position your brand highlighting;

  • Relevance
  • Difference
  • Regard

From here, we start to work on building your awareness in a concise, thoughtful and most importantly right manner.