Don’t be mistaken that creating a brand is as simple as the development of a logo. Branding needs to be approached in a much broader sense and, most importantly, create an overall tone of voice that speaks to a brand’s customer in the best way possible. This is how we approach all of our branding projects.

Where does branding begin?

With any project, you need a starting point. With branding, it always starts with the development of an idea, sometimes it comes immediately, sometimes it takes a rigorous brainstorming session to bring the right ideas out the light. Once this idea and concept is conceived, the fun part really begins.

Refining a brand for the market

It’s always enjoyable to take your concepts and ideas and present them to any brand. In many cases, a client will have their own ideas on how their brand should be presented to the public. It is here that the collaboration of ideas morphs that initial idea into a final concept that, as mentioned previously, involves much more than just a logo. This final concept involves showing how this branding can be applied across all channels and speak to the heart of the intended customer. We’ve put together some case studies that highlight some of our favourite projects we’ve worked on. Here are a few that involved implementing an SEM plan. Royal Canin / Who’s a good boy Air Vendor / Medicinal safety first.